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Both Rebecca and Cornelius have had their share of survival jobs and many moments where they felt they were living a television show. At the bottom of a bottle of Chardonnay on a summer evening in Manhattan, RINGER$ had developed from an idea into a pact between two friends.  Living in two different cities, an online work space housed all of their ideas and became the virtual office where they could collaborate in real time despite being miles apart.  Since then, this pact has grown to become Survival Job Media, a creative hub for a collection of artists.  Like weeds that grow through cracks in the sidewalk, we are determined to create, no matter the circumstances.  

credit: Green Smith Photography

credit: Green Smith Photography

Rebecca Barko

Co-Creator / Writer/ Actor/ Executive Producer

Rebecca has been hustling in the business for the past, well, many years.Although moving to NYC was always the plan, for one reason or another she has remained in Connecticut singing for Jesus as a way to eat.One day while screaming the alto line at rehearsal, she was struck by the absurdity of the situations she had witnessed while working this “survival job”.Not wanting to do this forever, Rebecca decided to take matters into her own hands and, with the help of her fellow actor Cornelius Bethea, created RINGER$. 

credit: Aaron Tyler

credit: Aaron Tyler

Cornelius Bethea

Co-Creator / Writer / Director / Executive Producer

Cornelius has spent most of his time as an actor gracing stages from the US to Japan and no where in between.  After directing a few stage shows, he's now armed with a camera and crew and is ready to shoot some actors.  Like a film shoot.  Not like an attack.  He likes actors.  He's still an actor himself.  That's why he wrote himself into the first scene. Only an actor would do that. Oh and a shout out to Serena and Bobo, his two goldfish who have been by his side for almost 4 years now. Longer than any romantic romantic endeavor has ever lasted....ok now things are awkward.

credit: Frank J. Lanza

credit: Frank J. Lanza

Kris "Skinny K" Morron

Original Music / Associate Producer

Kris is a producer, composer, arranger, conductor, recording artist, and performer (trombone and guzheng).  Like the creators of RINGER$, skinnyk has spent the majority of his professional life working “survival gigs” to pay the rent and to allow him the time to make music.  This has caused him to feel a close affinity with the characters of RINGER$ and he is excited to help make the show possible.  For more information about Kris “skinnyk” Morron, visit:

Survival Job Media is completely self and crowdfunded.  If you wish to make a contribution, it will be applied to production costs, site maintenance, and travel fees (our team lives in three different states).  Thank you for your offering!

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