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RINGER$ and My New Title: Associate Producer

Happy New Year everyone!  The start of 2014 has been and continues to be filled with new opportunities; including a new blog page on  I purposefully waited to start this blog after the Nightmare Before Christmas production so that I would have some interesting insights to share with you.  Little did I know that in addition to my wonderful experiences producing that show that I would have another exciting venture to share with you.


At some point I will sit down and really write about my experiences producing the 20thAnniversary Nightmare Before Christmas show.  Until then, let me take a moment to say that if you have an idea that you think others would really enjoy or that would be worthwhile to pursue, you absolutely need to go through with making that idea a reality. I will write more about this later, but I can tell you that working through the NBC project was an incredible experience that has made me more confident and has opened many new doors.  To that point, let me tell you a little about RINGER$.


My dear friend Rebecca Barko was in Lakewood visiting this summer and during our yearly catch-up conversation, I was talking about my Nightmare project and she told me about an idea she had for a television show.  As she was describing the concept and telling me about how she was frustrated by not getting the acting work she wanted, all I could think was, “She has to do this!”  At the time I was knee deep in production on NBC and preparing to do the Kickstarter and I was filled with an anything is possible attitude that I was very anxious to share with others. 


Jump ahead to November and I get a message from Becky that the screenplay forRINGER$ was written and she would like me to write some music for the pilot.  I was very excited to hear this news!  Becky and her producing partner, Cornelius were doing it!  I was anxious to get to work on a theme song for the show, so I asked for a copy of the screenplay, read it and got to work. 


Let me step aside from this story for a moment and tell you that one of the main purposes of the NBC project was to see how people and businesses in Cleveland could collaborate to make something special and entertaining.  I believe artists must have a clear vision of what they hope to accomplish with their projects, but I also believe they can benefit from being open to advice and input from others.  I have read many books and done a lot of research into the entertainment industry and into the creative process of artists and one of the most interesting and beneficial lessons I have learned is that many (maybe even most) pieces of art are the result of great collaborations.  Whether it’s a painter who shows an almost completed piece to another artist to get some feedback, or two or more song writers working together to produce a hit song, or a film director who puts together a team to help make the vision in his or her head a reality, collaboration often seems to be the key to great art. 


Back to RINGER$, after reading the screenplay I had some ideas I wanted to share with Becky and Cornelius.  Now, artists are very protective of their work and often are offended when others make suggestions about it; after all, how could our work not be perfect?  It’s our vision and it’s brilliant!  Time and time again I have found the insight of others to be very beneficial.  Sometimes I take their suggestion and sometimes I don’t, but undoubtedly their perception and perspective of my work spurs more creative thinking (once I calm down my bruised ego).  It is with this in mind that I approached Becky and Cornelius with a few suggestions.  I basically said, “Here is what I love about your screenplay and here are a few things I think you could do to make it more effective.  I will not be offended if you think my ideas are crap, but maybe you will find them helpful.  Either way, here they are.  Do with them as you please.”  It is at this point that I began to realize that this was a project I wanted to be a part of, beyond just writing the music (did I mention I am super stoked to be writing music for a television show? It’s only my dream job to write music for television and movies!). 


Ends up, both Becky and Cornelius liked a few of my suggestions and they started asking more questions about the show and the upcoming crowd funding campaign they were working on.  As I spoke with them more (Becky and her husband, Jeff came to Cleveland at the end of December and we had a delightful business meeting over margaritas at El Carnicero, one of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland) I was sold on their vision and I wanted to use my experiences producing the Nightmare Before Christmas event to help make their project a success.  After a particularly productive brainstorming session in the shower (what is it about showers that help me come up with ideas?), I reached out to Becky and Cornelius and asked if they would consider having me as a part of the production team.  They enthusiastically accepted and now I am an Associate Producer! I could not be more excited to help bring this show to life!


So, here we are!  The Indigogo campaign is underway (during the month of January), I am going to New York City in February to be a part of the filming, and I will be writing music for the show once it’s edited.  The online debut of the show will be March 4th.  I will be writing more about my experiences working on the show in this blog in hopes that the experiences I have and the insight I gain will be helpful and maybe even inspiring to you as you pursue your own dreams.  In the meantime, if you would like to supportRINGER$, please visit the Indigogo page and consider making a pledge.  Also check out the RINGER$ webpage for information about the production team and the show. 


Here’s to living life and grabbing ahold of opportunities when they come your way.  As Gary Ciepluch, one of my mentors, said to me recently, “Life is too short.  You don’t pass up opportunities like [this].  You have to do it.”  All in and all aboard!  Here we go!!