Corner Office

As an actor, temping in countless offices in NYC, I've often wondered what it would be like to have the corner office.  What would it be like to be calling the shots?

Well, thanks to being totally smitten by the idea of RINGER$ when Rebecca pitched it to me, I am actually living this life.  I still remember the day that Rebecca and I decided to go into production and produce the pilot episode.

In the 6 or so weeks since then, this team of two actors has become:

  • 2 Executive Producers
  • Associate Producer/Composer/Sound Engineer
  • Associate Producer/Cast Member
  • Casting Director
  • Line Producer
  • PR Adviser
  • A cast of about 15 actors
  • Several additional crew members in the works

The greatest thing I've learned in the last week especially is that the great thing about having a team is that you are a PART of a team.  I naturally take 100 percent responsibility for anything I do.   This sounds noble, but the result is, I act like I have to do everything and that's the opposite!  My mentor and coach told me yesterday, "they're not there for you."  

I imagine that's what good CEOs do.  They see themselves as a part of the team.  That means trust in the efforts that each department is putting in. After teaming up with my friend in helping bring her idea to life, and subsequently forming Survival Job Media as the safe haven for her idea, I ended up seeing my real life survival job in a whole new light.  

Art imitating life imitating art....