Finding A Shoot Location...

How do you find a location for shooting?

This is a tough question with MANY different ways to go about it.  

That said, here is what we have found / are finding to be successful as we go:

1. Hit up places that you know first and foremost.  Think about what you are looking for in the scene.  Put together your ideal location situation and then think about how you can recreate that same idea in places that are immediately available to you.  For instance, SJM has been working to secure a location for our “Confessional” scene.  Unable to find an actual confessional booth to shoot in, we had to get creative.  Instead, we are using a small interview room in the office that one of our creator/producers works in for his “Survival Job” while using the radiator grate cover from the bathroom of our other creator / producer as the gobo to create the correct lighting / mood for the scene.  See - gotta get creative.

2. Another tactic we have used is sending blanket FB blasts, not only from our RINGER$ Page, but from our personal pages as well asking for types of locations we are looking for.  If you don’t ask, you don’t receive.

3. Very important - pay attention to everyone you talk to or people you meet.  Think about what resources they might be able to offer the project.  Then you offer them beer - we have not forgotten you Michael!  Basically, the more you are aware of all the connections around you, the more likely you are to secure a space.  

4. And finally, even if it’s not the most optimal location setting, trust that the material you have created will be what the audience is paying attention to!

Happy scouting!