The Other Side Of The Table

Last Monday, Survival Job Media held auditions in NYC for our new TV comedy pilot RINGER$.  And after a long but wonderful day of auditions, I finally understood what it meant to be BEHIND the table. 

However, the first step in our casting process was to send out the character breakdowns, which required looking at the pilot from a different perspective.  To verbalize the characters that have been living with in my head for all these months was a bit of a challenge, but with the help of my partner Cornelius and our casting director Lauren, we were able to articulate the breakdowns and solicit some amazing talent – in fact, over 500 submissions!

Then came the big day.  After years and years of auditioning in New York, it was an understatement to say that I was excited to finally be on the other side of the table.  Having the opportunity to see and hear our characters come alive and experience what all those casting directors, directors and producers see time and time again was an exceptional opportunity.  And boy was there a lot to learn from what the actors brought to the auditions!  So many great choices, subtext in the script we were not even aware of, and much to our delight, brilliantly performed physical comedy!

The toughest part of the day – besides staying on schedule! - was that we could not use all of the exceptionally talented actors we saw.  Then came the process of narrowing down the actors to put together the strongest ensemble cast possible.  And that is exactly what we have done and are so excited to share with you all!

Keep an eye on the WHAT? / WHO? Page on our website in the coming weeks for more information about this stellar ensemble cast!