Ringer/ˈriNGər/ noun

:a person who is highly proficient at a particular skill or sport and is brought in to supplement a team or group of people.

After one too many odd jobs to make rent AND be an actress, Rachel stumbles upon the lucrative position of being 1 of 4 Ringers in a Catholic church choir. Rachel soon realizes that she may have bitten off more than she can chew.  After three years of navigating the world of working in a church, Rachel quits and closes the book on that chapter of her life. Unable to replace her, the church choir makes a plea for her to return and do one last Lenten season.  Join Rachel, Martin, Victor, and Evelyn on their journey to get the St. James choir ready for the big Easter Mass and find out if this Ringer ever makes it out of the church's liturgical grasp.

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Rebecca Barko  


as RACHEL CLARKE (Alto Section Leader)


An actress stuck between showbiz and suburbia.  Rachel is ready to move on to the next step in her career and is trying to make that goal happen as efficiently as possible.  She is caring and focused with a dry wit about her.


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Patrick Miller 

as MARTIN VAN BURIN(Bass Section Leader)


The high school math and theater teacher trying to escape the grasp of his overbearing mother. Martin is the nice guy.  He is a pocket protector, a glass of scotch, and a balanced checkbook rolled into one.

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EVELYN (Soprano Section Leader)

After being told she has an exquisite talent , Evelyn leaves her life as a high-powered Executive to pursue her first passion and true "calling".  Although out of Corporate America, she hasn't lost the no nonsense approach that afforded her such success.


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VICTOR (Tenor Section Leader)

An opera grad student looking to make extra money for school, Victor is the new tenor in the church choir.  He is lost in the land of musical academia with all eyes on his budding career. 



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FRANKLYN (Church Choir Director)

As the church choir director, he makes honest efforts that end up being lost in execution.  Believes that he is directing the Metropolitan Opera Chorus, not a choir of semi-retired parishioners. 


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Pastor of St. James Church.  Father John works to keep the parish running smoothly but is not always successful.


New to the priesthood.  Father Bartholomew is under Father John's tutelage. 


DAWN (Martin's Sister)

Has a deep fear of losing her brother.  She wears a muumuu while watching too much TV.  She is caring yet blunt and tends to think out loud.



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CORNELIUS (Rachel's Friend)

As an actor living in New York, Cornelius dreams of the "stable" life.  He is a great friend to Rachel and acts as her sounding board as well as guru.




Illustrations by Ines de Asis